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What's The Word On The Streets?

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Olivia S.

When I began the process of writing my first EP, I don’t think I truly understood what all to expect. The writing and recording was my focus but once that was complete, the thought of distribution, logos, CD covers, links for access, promotional tips had me looking like a deer in headlights. Chu completed a crash course with me, that helped me navigate through all those things. It was so informative and helpful, he made sure I was set up for success! I truly could not have gotten to the place I am now without his expertise and guidance.

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Donovan W.

As an emerging artist, working with Chu has been an extremely rewarding experience. His knowledge and experience is next level.  I am very blessed to have worked with him on several projects, including my debut album - and I look forward to working with him in the future.

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An Artist:

I have created and released albums, booked shows, ordered and sold merch, and created & monitored a website – yeah, all by myself with no help from a label or a team.

A Producer:

I have worked across multiple genres with 1st time artists and have guided them on how to get the music to all the platforms to share the results of their hard work.


It was the next logical progression in my journey. I pride myself in my love for multiple genres of music and excelling at blending mixes live to keep the party going.

What will I learn?

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